OpenPoint January 2022 Software Release

By Paul Burkett

Updated 28 January, 2022

OpenPoint January 2022 Software Release

We're changing the format of our software update blog posts. Instead of including specific version numbers, we're going to list the month and year of the update and include changes across all modules that occurred since the previous blog post. This will make it easier for us to communicate the changes and easier for you to digest since it will all be grouped together. Let us know what you think about the new approach.

New Street Light Outage Reporting module
See the complete Street Light Outage Reporting blog post on this update. Major features include:

  • Map-centric public street light outage reporting
  • Crew map to find and fix street lights using tables/phones
  • Notification system informs staff of customer reported street light issues
  • Reporting and tracking tools to improve management and oversight.

Updated Water Service Locations
New data fields and reports were added to support tracking water service material inventories which will be required for recent lead and copper rule changes.

Job Screen Customization
OpenPoint Web now supports a powerful customization engine for job attributes. This includes a new checkbox list control, new data types and colored section headings giving you much more control over the appearance and layout.

Single sign-on
We are beta testing OpenPoint Web's new ability to use Microsoft’s Organization Authentication and single sign-in technologies. The new “Sign in with work account” on the login page is used for this new feature. When single sign-in is enabled, it will automatically login to OpenPoint Web if you’re already logged into your organizational account. We have one client testing this feature this year, and we may make it available to other utilities if your network supports it in the future.

OpenPoint Server Upgrade
OpenPoint is growing, and the demands on our systems are growing with it. Fortunately, OpenPoint is built on a very scalable infrastructure within Microsoft Azure. Growth means that we get to take advantage of more powerful features for serving and maintaining your systems. The OpenPoint production server was upgraded to support additional features.

  • The new capabilities include dynamic scaling options so that we can increase the power of the systems at any time without interruption to respond to spikes in demand.
  • These capabilities also allow OpenPoint to perform system maintenance and upgrades with little or no downtime.
  • The new system also empowers quality assurance by allowing OpenPoint to improve our previewing/testing process for full releases before turning them on for you.

OpenPoint Framework Upgrade
The OpenPoint system is now upgraded to the latest version of the Microsoft and Google frameworks. This upgrade keeps systems supported with the latest bug fixes and security updates from Microsoft and Google. This upgrade is in anticipation of ArcGIS Pro version 3.0 which will drive an upgrade for the OpenPoint map system as well. When the ArcGIS Pro 3.0 upgrade comes be sure to wait before installing the new version until after you receive the compatible OpenPoint Map upgrade.

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