New Street Light Outage Reporting Module

By Paul Burkett

Updated 20 December, 2021

New Street Light Outage Reporting Module

We're excited to annouce a new module available now for assisting your utility with street light outage management. The OpenPoint Street Light Outage Reporting module is a customizable system that gives your customers an easy-to-use method of reporting problems with street lights using a map interface. You maintain the street light features in your GIS system the same way you do now. OpenPoint keeps your customer and crew street light maps up to date with your changes automatically. You cna then view the street light report layer inside of ArcGIS Pro or online.

Empower Customers and Partners to Report Street Light Outages
• Customers use an interactive map on your utility website to view and report street light outages.
• Find a street light near my location with one click or search for the street light using an address.
• Make a report by clicking on the street light and entering basic information about the issue.
• Provide optional contact information and request a notification when the street light is repaired.

Use a Crew Map to Find and Report Repairs
• Your specialized crew map shows staff what is important to them.
• Use field map on tablet or phone to quickly identify street lights that require repair near you.
• Get directions to the street light requiring repair.
• Record repair information in the field on a tablet or phone or on your desktop computer.

Use OpenPoint to Track Street Light Reports
• Use the street light dashboard to quickly see the street lights that need repair and who needs to be notified about a recent repair.
• Use OpenPoint searching and reporting tools to answer questions about your street lights and your repair history.
• Use OpenPoint’s notification system to setup custom email notifications about street light outages.

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to contact us anytime.

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