Weekly Data Checks

By Paul Burkett

Updated 26 November, 2019

Weekly Data Checks

We recently started a new weekly data validation procedure and wanted to share the news with all of our utility clients.

The most important of our new validation checks is running the Plant to CPR Variance report. This compares the construction units from your plant / system map with the CPR ledger and looks for differences. On the map side, the construction units indicate the district, year and account which can then be compared with the corresponding values in the CPR ledger.

You’ve done a lot of hard work to get your system map balanced with your CPR ledger, and this weekly check will help you stay in balance over the long term. If any discrepancies show up, we’ll be sure to let you know right away so we can determine what occurred. Identifying variances soon after they have occurred makes finding and fixing the problem much easier than discovering the problem months or years later.

We’re also running checks to make sure CPR transactions match the current CPR ledger values. For each CPR ledger entry, we created a beginning balance. We then apply every CPR transaction to the beginning balance. The end result should always match what’s in the CPR ledger.

The final check we’re running is similar to the CPR transaction check only it applies to inventory. We generated beginning balances for all inventory entries and then apply inventory transactions to it which should ultimately result in the current inventory count and value.

At OpenPoint, we’re very focused on maintaining data integrity for all of our utility clients. This is just one example of our efforts toward this goal. Rest assured, we’ll continue to develop processes and procedures to keep your data in the best shape possible.

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