OpenPoint Web 1.08 Released

By Paul Burkett

Updated 01 November, 2019

OpenPoint Web 1.08 Released

Our 1.08 release included updates for both OpenPoint Map and OpenPoint Web. The OpenPoint Web updates are available on your website now. The major OpenPoint Web changes are listed below.

  • Added a new set of water meter reports.
  • Standard asset reports were created for the new assets: Reclosers, Capacitors and Regulators.
  • New Report - Inventory GL Entries report and associated import file. Both are designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Added new validation checks for to ensure PO is accurately received / invoiced before closing is allowed.
  • New Report - Material vendors with Materials report which shows all material vendor with the materials that have previously been purchased from them.
  • Added Prior CPR Year on Job Close report.
  • On Assembly detail screen, added new features Layout Refresh and Plant Refresh for updating accounts and CPR count on existing Layout and/or Plant records.
  • Added Start Date to new Job dialog.
  • Plant to CPR Variance report was updated to support constructed Jobs.
  • New Report - Plant to CPR Comparison which is a variation of the Plant to CPR Variance report except that it shows all plant and CPR records.
  • New feature – Advance to Next Year. This moves the CPR Year configuration setting to the next year in preparation for the coming year’s new Jobs.
  • Fixed bug where issues from expected transactions indicated not enough material was present when it was actually present.
  • Fixed bug that occurred when too many Layouts were displayed on Job Overview screen.

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