OpenPoint Web 1.08.1033 Released

By Mindy Burkett

Updated 10 November, 2020

OpenPoint Web 1.08.1033 Released

OpenPoint released a minor update to the website in the 1.08.1033 release. The release includes the Material Vendor Catalog shown during our November 2020 Webinar and some AMI features.

Material Vendor Catalog

The new OpenPoint Material Vendor Catalog system is now available. The catalog is a companion feature for the purchase order system. The Material Vendor Catalog tracks where you purchase your materials and the costs you pay. Use your catalog when entering purchase orders to identify the vendor and price options for the materials you need.

Cost Allocation Adjustments

Jobs now allow Cost Allocation Adjustments. These adjustments give you more power to control cost spreading by adjusting the labor hours associated to the cost allocation process.

MDM Integration and AMI State

The OpenPoint OMS system can now integrate with your MDM system to bring you live AMI state information:

  • See the AMI state when taking customer outage calls.
  • Get customized notifications when AMI outages are detected.
  • Review and search your AMI state information.
  • View live AMI outages on your OpenPoint web outage map.
  • View your AMI outage history.
  • Manually resolve AMI outages individually or all at once.
  • More coming soon!

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