OpenPoint Version 2.10.0000 Release

By Patrick Eidahl

Updated 12 August, 2021

OpenPoint Version 2.10.0000 Release

We here at OpenPoint have released an all new update! This update covers a wide variety of changes, but is mostly geared toward job and plant changes. Check out the full list of changes below and you’ll be ready to get right back into the mapping!

More Cloud Capabilities

OpenPoint has been working to become more cloud enabled, meaning more support for both Web Mapping and Map Sharing. To this end we have made it so now all job layouts and plant are cloud based. This means that the data is more easily accessible to apps like OpenPoint Map and OpenPoint Web, and to users who are on both PC and mobile as well! Two of the biggest upsides this brings is that now OpenPoint Web users will be able to see the job layout in real time, and anyone on Web and Field will be able to create their own job layouts and plant! The updates in the field will also be accessible to Pro users in real time as well.

Job Layout Enhancements

Job Layouts have gotten a pretty big boost as well! With the newest version of OpenPoint we now have a whole new suite of options available for interacting with them.

  • Editing any map layout with last minute changes right from the web job screen.
  • Maintenance layouts can now be created from the Web on the job Screen, and can be done without a feature.
  • Creating and editing any layouts directly from OpenPoint Web’s Feature Screen.
  • The new “In Place Transfer” function to transfer construction units to a new asset without moving them to a new feature.
  • Construct jobs right from the OpenPoint Website without using the Map!

Miscellaneous Features

  • OpenPoint Map has been enhanced with improvements to speed.
  • Enjoy the new OpenPoint Map Feature Quick Search Toolbox! Searching is now faster and easier than ever, and supports searching by location number in addition to station number and feature Global ID!
  • We have simplified the Feature Delete functions, and you no longer need delete mode, just the normal delete options. Feature and plant can even be deleted without updating the CPR by using the new “Delete, no job” button, but be careful because deletes done this way are final and cannot be undone!
  • You can now create and edit circuits right from the website as well!
  • Labor rates can now also be created and edited directly from the website.

Field Activities

The Field Activities Module is still in beta, and is used to empower inspections, maintenance, and recorded activities in the field using tablets and Esri Field Maps.

  • Create maps to capture inspection data right in the field with only the click of a button.
  • Schedule recurring activities and setup special projects quickly and easily.
  • Historical data is captured, searchable, and available through dashboards and reports automatically.

That concludes our patch notes for the newest version of OpenPoint! We hope you look forward to all the changes and if you catch something not working as it should make sure to let us know and we will fix it as soon as we can! Keep an eye out for even more OpenPoint updates in the future too.

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