Navigating OpenPoint's Youtube Playlists

By Patrick Eidahl

Updated 06 July, 2020

Navigating OpenPoint's Youtube Playlists

OpenPoint has a large library of YouTube videos available to view that contain tutorials on different aspects of using the OpenPoint service. Sometimes it can be difficult searching through the entire library of videos to find just one, though, and that’s where our playlists come in handy. Each playlist focuses on just one subject, and all videos that fit that subject can be found there. Some playlists even have a bit of overlap. Here, I will list each playlist and include a short blurb about the contents as well as a link to the playlist.

  • OpenPoint Web – This playlist contains all videos focusing on using the OpenPoint Web service. Here you can find information ranging from accessing inventory and jobs to adding new users and running reports. OpenPoint Web Playlist
  • SQL Server Management Studio – Any tutorials explaining SSMS processes vital to OpenPoint can be found in this playlist. SSMS Playlist
  • OpenPoint Map Search and Selection – Videos here focus entirely on searching and selecting features or other objects in ArcGIS Pro or OpenPoint map. Some tools may be available in ArcGIS Pro, but many are also OpenPoint specific. Search and Selection Playlist
  • ArcGIS Pro Getting Started – This is a great first playlist if you need information and aren’t sure where to start.  This is where information for the basics of using ArcGIS Pro is found, from introductions to basic tools to setting bookmarks and editing your toolbar. ArcGIS Pro Getting Started Playlist
  • ArcGIS Pro Map Exports – Here you can find videos showing the process for doing different kinds of map exports. Whether it’s ArcGIS Online or a Mobile Map, exporting can be tricky, so this playlist is here to help with that. Map Exports Playlist
  • ArcGIS Pro Mobile Maps – This playlist goes more into detail on Mobile Maps. Information on creating, uploading, and modifying your Mobile Maps all can all be found here. Mobile Maps Playlist
  • ArcGIS Online – ArcGIS Online is another way to store and view your maps that has its own set of strengths. Our playlist covers some of the ways it can be used and how to upload maps from ArcGIS Pro straight to ArcGIS Online and then manage those maps. ArcGIS Online Playlist
  • OpenPoint Map Connectivity – This is a specialized playlist for customers that have map connectivity. Every video here focuses on a tool or aspect of setting up and maintaining your connectivity. Connectivity Playlist
  • OpenPoint Map Plant and Construction Units – All videos here are about the different tools OpenPoint Map has available for interacting with and keeping track of all your plant and construction units. Map Plant and Construction Units Playlist
  • OpenPoint Map Advanced – This playlist covers the more advanced tools and options available in OpenPoint Map. Many of these tools are only used in special circumstances, so it’s best for people looking to learn even more after feeling confident in their skills. OpenPoint Map Advanced Playlist
  • ArcGIS Pro Customization – ArcGIS Pro itself has its own level of customization available. Here we have videos on how to set it up yourself and personalize your copy of ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS Pro Customization Playlist
  • Electric Meters – Electric Meters are a commonly used asset, and we have a wide array of tools available for interacting with them in both OpenPoint Web and OpenPoint Map. Our videos here will cover both. Electric Meters Playlist
  • OpenPoint Map Getting Started – This is a great first playlist for those looking to learn how to use OpenPoint Map. Videos here will get you started on using and mastering the Map side of OpenPoint. OpenPoint Map Getting Started Playlist
  • OpenPoint Web Getting Started – Like the Map playlist, this is the playlist to check out if you want to start learning how to use OpenPoint Web. This goes over the steps of learning how to effectively use the Web side of OpenPoint. OpenPoint Web Getting Started Playlist
  • OpenPoint Map Administration – This playlist contains more niche videos on using Map Administration Tools. Not every user will need to learn these subjects, only the more advanced or high-level users. OpenPoint Map Administration Playlist
  • ArcGIS Pro Sketching System Maps – If you need to add, modify, or delete any points like a feature, polyline like a new wire, or any kind of polygon you’ll find the video covering that here. Sketching System Maps Playlist
  • OpenPoint Web CPR – All the videos in this playlist cover the different ways to interact with the CPR using the Web. You can learn about the different reports that can be run or how to roll back. OpenPoint Web CPR Playlist
  • OpenPoint Miscellaneous – For videos containing useful information that doesn’t quite fit into an existing playlist, check out this playlist. Information like how to use the mobile view and niche aspects of the website are here. Miscellaneous Playlist
  • OpenPoint Reports – Reports are a common tool that will be used if you use OpenPoint Web or Map at all. The videos here will teach you how to use a selection of reports. Reports Playlist
  • OpenPoint Map Jobs – Demonstrations on interacting with Jobs are in this playlist. Setting up, selecting, transferring units, and more can all be found here. Map Jobs Playlist
  • OpenPoint Map Annotations – Annotations are a tricky but helpful tool that ArcGIS Pro can use. Videos here will show you how to create and manage your own annotations. Map Annotations Playlist
  • Transformers – Transformers are another commonly used asset. Here in this playlist we cover the different options available for interacting with Transformers. Transformers Playlist
  • OpenPoint Excel – OpenPoint works with Excel often, and the videos in this playlist show you some of the handy tips and tricks you can use when interacting with both. OpenPoint Excel Playlist

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