Latest OpenPoint Map and OpenPoint Web software updates

By Paul Burkett

Updated 07 November, 2022

Latest OpenPoint Map and OpenPoint Web software updates

We have a number of new features to announce. Below, we categorized the feature changes by major app. Some of the OpenPoint Map changes haven't been widely released as of the date of the blog post but will be soon.

OpenPoint Map

  • From the layout history pane, you can now quickly go to the full job record in OpenPoint Web, select the job in OpenPoint Map or copy the job number to the clipboard.
  • OpenPoint Map now supports the option to use Branch versioning, ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal).
  • OpenPoint Map now supports the option to use Traditional versioning.
  • Features deleted without removing plant or with active layout can now be manually resolved instead of using auto recover if desired.
  • Power measure can now be synchronized to OpenPoint Web and available through the website.
  • Plant can be copied and pasted using templates through OpenPoint Map.
  • Meter Transformers List report is available directly from OpenPoint Map providing a list of transformers and the associated meters.

OpenPoint Web

  • Deleted features are now available through OpenPoint Web without performing a recovery.
  • Associated records can be added, deleted, and modified. This access allows users to manually resolve deleted features with pending layout or unremoved plant. It is also helpful for researching feature plant history for deleted features.
  • Added a report that lists deleted features with unremoved plant or active layout.
  • Historical layouts are now available through the website from the feature screen. Navigate to the layout screen and choose “All” from the dropdown menu to view all the layout including the committed layout for the feature.
  • Advanced users can now move associated data between jobs. The feature is available for active jobs and moves all associated layout, estimate, transaction, and attachments. This feature will help upgrade estimate jobs to actual jobs when they are accepted.
  • Job transactions now support a new optional field, source identifier.
  • Job labor transactions now support optional date fields: work date, pay date, and other date.
  • New jobs can be imported using a spreadsheet. This feature requires configuration to make it available.

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