OpenPoint Map 1.08.1028 Released

By Paul Burkett

Updated 02 December, 2019

OpenPoint Map 1.08.1028 Released

A minor release for OpenPoint introduced a few new features and some bug fixes. Release 1.08.1028 included updates for both the website and the map. The map update is now available.


  • The help button in OpenPoint map will now take you to the OpenPoint Help Video Playlists
  • The Job list sort changed to sorting by the Proposed Date in descending order.
  • The Prior CPR Year for the jobs can now be set when the job is created. To prevent mistakes, this field can no longer be edited later so be sure to set the Prior CPR Year up front.
  • The job attributes called Classification and Construction type now support dropdowns. If you would like to use these drop downs for your utility, then contact OpenPoint.
  • A new feature is available called Work Order Category. The category allows work order auto numbering domains that can cross work order types. The additional flexibility allows for new scenarios in the OpenPoint work order auto numbering system. If you are interested in auto numbering, then contact OpenPoint.

Bug Fix

  • For utilities with both water and electric, the customer listing was listing too many results when searching for an asset in the map. The list is now limited to the customers used by each map.

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