OpenPoint Map 1.08 Released

By Paul Burkett

Updated 02 November, 2019

OpenPoint Map 1.08 Released

Our most recent OpenPoint Map 1.08 release required a software update for the ArcGIS Pro add-in for all users using the Map software. All current users have already received this update so there is no need to check your software version. The major OpenPoint Map changes are listed below.

  • New assets were added to the asset management module: Reclosers, Capacitors and Regulators.
  • Added search for meter features by customer or meter number.
  • Added search for transformer features by transformer number.
  • Fixed Break Apart bug.
  • Revamped the add-in startup process to fix sporadic timing issues.
  • Added Description column to Plant records.
  • Added Start Date to new Job dialog.
  • Fixed bug when tracing along a single phase.

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