OpenPoint Map 1.08.1033 Released

By Mindy Burkett

Updated 11 November, 2020

OpenPoint Map 1.08.1033 Released

OpenPoint map version 1.08.1033 is now available. This release includes minor improvements and bug fixes along with some new OMS features.

Bug Fixes

The OpenPoint map release includes some bug fixes in the system such as fixes to the classification and construction types for jobs.

Feature Selections with Definition Queries

OpenPoint will no longer select invisible features in your layer which are hidden using Definition Queries. This feature is great when you want to split your feature classes into seperate layers. If you use Definition Queries then just be sure to have the needed layers visible when trying to select features or you may miss them.

Job Reports Link

The job overview screen in OpenPoint map now has a link to the job's reports listing in OpenPoint web. This is a great shortcut when you need to run a job report.

Map OMS Enhancements

The OpenPoint map system now supports additional OMS features including support for AMI notifications.

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