OpenPoint Map 1.08.1029 Released

By Mindy Burkett

Updated 16 March, 2020

OpenPoint Map 1.08.1029 Released

OpenPoint's 1.08.1029 release includes updates for both OpenPoint Map and OpenPoint Web. The OpenPoint Map update is rolling out now. The major OpenPoint Map changes are listed below.

  • The Plant tab is now the first and default tab on the Construction Units pane. The Job Layout is the second tab. This change was highly requested, but it may take some time to adjust.
  • Added the ability to find electric meter sockets and water meter sockets. This is useful if there is a socket without an installed meter.
  • Plant delete mode is no longer allowed for features with active removals or transfers.
  • The update connectivity function was modified to achieve a minor speed improvement and to decrease the normal size of the database.
  • The find breaks feature was improved by excluding features that do not normally participate in connectivity. This helps eliminate false positives.
  • Feature selection reports are now available from OpenPoint map.
  • Support for the newest 2.5 version of ArcGIS Pro.

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