A New Update to OpenPoint Has Been Released

By Mindy Burkett

Updated 07 September, 2021

A New Update to OpenPoint Has Been Released

A new version of OpenPoint has been released. This is a minor update with some feature enhancements. Here's what has changed:

  • Purchase order items now allow you to define a warehouse. This will let you use multiple warehouses in a single purchase order.
  • All purchase order reports with a warehouse listed have been updated to reflect the addition of the warehouse at the purchase order item level.
  • Assembly records now allow you to define a salvage account. The salvage account is used for expected salvage transactions by default. You can always edit the account after you select an expected transaction.
  • Changes to assemblies will automatically run the Refresh Layout feature when any key data element is modified that would impact jobs that are in progress (before Constructed stage).
  • OpenPoint OMS now supports the ability to snooze outage alerts for a meter for a period of time. This is useful when performing meter changeouts which can create extraneous outage alerts.

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