New OpenPoint YouTube Outage Management Videos

By Patrick Eidahl

Updated 14 September, 2020

New OpenPoint YouTube Outage Management Videos

Recently, we’ve released a new batch of videos on our YouTube channel showing off a few different aspects of out Outage Management site and map. We’ve been showing off a lot of Outage Management lately as we continue to improve it and even gave an in-depth viewing of it during our User Conference. Now we have a set of videos about the subject that can be viewed anytime! I’ll provide short descriptions of each video as well as links so that you can also view them for yourself if they’re relevant to you.

Video 1: Viewing the Outage Map from OpenPoint Web. This video focuses on how to access the outage map and includes information on what the different symbols on the map mean and how to access the details of each. Link:

Video 2: Creating a New Outage Event from OpenPoint Web. This video covers a few things, first off it explains what exactly we mean when we say “Outage Event” and then from there we cover making an Outage Event using the Web system as well as what all the details mean. Link:

Video 3: Selecting Outages in OpenPoint Map. This video talks about selecting outages on your Outage Management Map in the OpenPoint Map application. Doing this allows you to easily find all customers that are affected by the outage. Link:

Video 4: Finding the Source of an Outage and Expanding it in OpenPoint Map. This video describes how you can use OpenPoint Map to find a possible source of an outage, and then use the trace down tool to find other customers that would be affected by an outage at that source. Link:

Video 5: Creating a Planned Outage using OpenPoint Map. This video I show how you can create a planned outage for a feature straight from OpenPoint Map, which can be great if you need to perform maintenance on a transformer so that you can warn customers that there will be an outage there. Link:

Video 6: Creating an Outage Report in OpenPoint Web: This video goes over creating an Outage Report from OpenPoint Web. This will be how employees enter outages you receive via phone calls from customers into the system. It also explains exactly what we mean when we talk about an “Outage Report”. Link:

More videos will also be added on the subject of the Outage Map in the future as well, keep your eyes peeled for more videos on the channel or blog posts here as we keep adding to and improving Outage Management!

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