New Drop-down List Editing

By Patrick Eidahl

Updated 13 April, 2020

New Drop-down List Editing

A new page has been added to OpenPoint Web that allows for editing the drop-downs available for electric and water utilities. It can be accessed by opening the three lines menu in the top left, and then clicking on the down arrow right next to your username. A new list will open, and you just need to select the option “Dropdowns”. From this page you can see a list of all of the different drop-down lists that exist on the website, and clicking on one of the drop-downs will bring you to a page that shows all the options available to select from when you open the list. From the extended page you can add new options or edit or delete existing ones by clicking on the orange plus or the details within the drop-down option. For more details on the new page we also have a video that goes further in depth on the subject:

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