New Connectivity Videos for OpenPoint Map

By Paul Burkett

Updated 21 January, 2020

New Connectivity Videos for OpenPoint Map

Connectivity is a helpful tool for your map that can give you access to a lot of great functions, and we’ve got a new series of videos prepared on how to work with connectivity. They focus on how to use some of the tools, and how to handle a lot of the common issues that you can run into with it. We have a total of 7 videos and have prepared them all in a playlist for easy watching. Each focuses on a different piece of the connectivity puzzle, and watching them all should get you prepped and ready to start working with your connectivity map. I’ve included links to the entire playlist, as well as the individual videos below for you to check out!

Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for more videos in the future as well. We are always making more that can answer more of your questions and make more processes and tools clear and easy to use. Here is a link to our official OpenPoint YouTube channel:

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