New Esri Field Maps Playlist on YouTube

By Patrick Eidahl

Updated 20 March, 2021

New Esri Field Maps Playlist on YouTube

Good news for customers working with Esri Field Maps! We've created a number of video tutorials on how to work with the app and created a dedicated YouTube playlist of videos focusing on it. These videos will cover everything from basic concepts to the more advanced and specific tools. Take a look at the list of videos and let us know if you have any questions. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you'll automatically get updates when new videos are posted.

Here is a link to the full playlist.

Below is a link to each individual video with a brief overview.

Create a Point Feature with Field Maps 

This video shows a tutorial using Field Maps to create a new point feature on your map. This along with the next video are some of the most common things that you’ll be doing with Field Maps and serve as a great place to start.

Edit the Location of Existing Point Features Within Field Maps

This video shows how to edit the location of an already placed point feature using Esri Field Maps. Field Maps makes adjusting the location of points easy with both its drag and drop placement and GPS placement tools.

Edit Attributes of an Existing Point Feature in Field Maps

The third video in the playlist is a quick and easy tutorial on how to edit the attributes of an already placed point feature. Just like with ArcGIS Pro, any attribute can be easily changed and Field Maps makes changing them on nearby features a breeze.

Delete an Existing Point Feature in Field Maps

Next is deleting a feature. This video is short and sweet and shows how to remove a nearby feature from the map.

Create a Line Feature in Field Maps

In the first video, we went over line features. Here we show you how to create a new one on your map.

Create a Line Feature with Snapping in Field Maps

This is similar to the last video, with a bit of a variance. Here we show how to creature a new line feature and ensure that it connects, or snaps as Esri calls it, to existing features. This is great for making sure it lands in the exact right spot.

Create a Line Feature with Multiple Segments in Field Maps

Here we get a little more tricky with lines. This video reviews line features with multiple segments allowing them to bend and turn in any direction you need them to.

Delete a Line Feature in Field Maps

Another simple video, similar to the previous video on deleting a point, but with line features.

Move a Line's Starting or Ending Point in Field Maps

Now onto altering an existing line. In this tutorial, we show off how to grab and move just one point of a line so you can reshape where it’s going.

Adding a Segment to an Existing Line in Field Maps

Continuing on with more line point editing tools, we cover adding a new segment onto an existing line from one point on an existing line. This is an easy way to extend a line or add a turn if the shape was changed.

Enter Attributes on a New Feature in Field Maps

We cover another essential skill in this video. Every new feature will need to have its attributes entered for the first time, and here we go over how to do this.

Modify Attributes of an Existing Feature in Field Maps

This video shows how to edit attributes for an existing feature.

Modify Attributes on Multiple Features at once

Now we get to some really helpful tools. Entering in a new attribute one by one can be time consuming and inefficient! In the cases where you’re lucky enough that multiple features need to be changed to the same thing though, you can use this video to help you learn how to select and change many features at once, making updating attributes a breeze.

Take a Photo using Esri Field Maps
One great capability of Field Maps is capturing photos and attaching them to features. In this video, we show how you can do this from the app.



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